10 Images Showing The Joys Of Parenting

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1. Mother’s Graduation vs Daughter’s Graduation

© 123alwayssmilen / Twitter

2. Putting a baby to sleep, efficiently

3. When your kids want the largest pizza and they get what they asked for

© GenesisFuzz / Imgur

4. “Did you HAVE to get human pets? Look what they did to me!”

© chris_keisad / Reddit

5. A mother found her kid’s grow-a-pony in a bowl of water and decided to play a funny prank

© ignis_flatus / Reddit

6. Without saying a word, this cute little guy cleaned up the mess he made while eating crackers.

© that1mum / Twitter

7. This kid is about to learn how to swim at a very early age

© craziegraciie / Reddit

8. This 2-year-old daughter found the secret tunnel in her stroller

© uvronac / Reddit

9. Well, that’s one way to use it…

© pm_me_da_booty_plz / Reddit

10. When your parents are too cool for school

© chrxstianh__ / Twitter

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