10 Inspiring ‘Before, After’ Photos That You Can’t Miss

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‘Before and After’ photos can be powerful representations of progress. We have gathered what we believe to be powerful stories told in only 2 images. Maybe they can inspire you, too!

1. Epic Healing Of Heart And Body

© pagingdoctorfaggot / imgur

2. Immortality Of The ‘Star Wars’ Cast… They Only Get Better With Age.

© Lucasfilm

3. It’s Easy To Complain About The Younger Generation… No Need To Worry Too Much About How We Use Our Phones.

© henriksen1 / imgur

4. Old family photos are nice, but if you get the oppurtunity to recreate them, that’s even better!

© unknown author / imgur

5. Evolution Of Technology In 58 Years

© Adr_H132 / reddit

6. After his injury, this guy had to learn how to draw from scratch. This is the progress he made!

© natebibaud / reddit

7. A soldier rescued this little guy and they became inseperable since!

© justlax7 / imgur

8. His Face Almost Completely Recovered, Modern Medicine Has Come A Long Way

© ThisTimeLastYear / imgur

9.  A Photo Taken Of The Same Person, At The Same Spot In Ireland. The First Was During The Battle Of The Bogside And The Second Was Taken Many Years Later.

© falentine / imgur

10. Years Later After Defeating Cancer. Very Inspiring!

© unknown author / imgur

We hope you enjoyed this list and would love to hear what you have to say in the comments below!

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