10 Mutants Created With Panoramic Mode

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1. Siamese twins with opposite personalities.

© JuddJasper/reddit

2. “We had to merge together to deal with the cold. With 3 legs we can get out of here faster!”

© lurkermyer/reddit

3. This horse might outrun a car with those legs. Will horse riding make a comeback?

© Panorama fails/facebook

4. Voldemort’s distant cousin

© Panorama Fails/facebook

5. Kid’s gonna be a great boxer one day…

© unknown/imgur

6. When you’re an alien visiting Earth and you prefer driving cars over your spaceship…

© unknown/reddit

7. “Crossing my arms in a defensive stance, but also hand on my chin as I gaze into your eyes.”

© mcphadenmike/reddit

8. One eye is deep in thought, the other is on lookout

© Panorama fails/facebook

9. Cerberus found in the wild

© pufferfish/imgur

10. Three Heads, One Face.

© gingepeedle/imgur

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