10 Photos You Won’t Believe Aren’t Magic Or Photoshopped

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1. A collection of trees lined up perfectly in this tree farm

© Cepheus7 / reddit

2. Ascending the Sunset

© Gabriel Puyana / nationalgeographic.com

3. Believe it or not this is one picture. That symmetry!

© unknown / imgur

4. What looks like a sky ship floating by is actually the tip of the Sutro Tower in San Francisco

© HoldMyWine / imgur

5. This magical creature is a Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar found in Switzerland

© Marco Fischer / facebook

6. Cloud Construction

© trynidada / 500px.com

7. An incredible photo of a diving Kingfisher that took 6 months of strenuous effort to capture

© Mario Cea Sanchez / facebook

8. “Frog with a snake for a tongue”. A legendary image of a frog swallowing a snake

© StunnedGoofy / imgur

9. A storm of birds shaping into a tornado

© 진철 김 / nationalgeographic.com

10. Methane bubbles look like glowing jellyfish in Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park, Canada

© Paul Zizka / facebook

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