10 Pictures That Look Like They Were Taken On Another Planet

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1. High concentrations of metal oxides make the Gorkaya River in Russia look like a river of lava!

© discoverynn/pikabu

2. This awesome Guitar-Shaped highway is located in Ufa, Russia.

© USSMan/pikabu

3. Looks like the Forest Temple from the Legend of Zelda series! These tree roots can be found in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

© giuliopaletta.photoshelter.com

4. A sea of humanity at the beach, seen from above.

© alexmaclean.com

5. The Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany. As beautiful as it is surreal

© vndsgn/reddit

6. A perfect lake located in Austria. 

© Chomett/flickr

7. Is that a comet or a giant fist!? Oh, it’s just an awesome looking cloud in Portugal…

© unknown author/imgur

8. Countless light bugs bringing life to a cave in New Zealand!

© shaunjeffersphoto|facebook

9. This ‘otherworldly’ park is a part of Singapore

© Victor Mazovsky/flickr

10. Believe it or not, these sand tufas reside in California. Looks like a snow region on a foreign planet!

© nationalgeographic.com

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