10 Pictures Where Reality Was Unreal

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1. Salt seen under a microscope, strange isn’t it?

© assass1nat0r/reddit

2. Building those sand castles paid off…

© iamblas/reddit

3. Lady Fire

© deathakissaway/reddit

4. Perfect Reflection. Perfect Circle.


5. This wasn’t timed…

© CanYouFeelItNoww/imgur

6. A real person wearing make up, that’s all.

© KevlarYarmulke/reddit

7. Another real person wearing make up, crazy!

© KevlarYarmulke/reddit

8. This is what the performers see when they look out into the theatre.

© kiaall/reddit

9. This breathtaking photo is of the world’s largest salt flat in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

© Yellow531 / wikimedia

10. Can you tell which fingers are real?

© PalmBreezy/reddit

What photo impressed you the most? Let us know below and feel free to share your own surreal images in the comments!

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