4 Signs Of Too Much Sugar In Your Diet

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Many people don’t realize how addictive sugar can be. We crave sweets when we’re hungry because our body loves carbohydrates, but sugar can be responsible for many complicated health issues if consumed in large quantities regularly. It’s important to know if you’re taking in too much sugar daily to reduce your risk of having sugar-related health problems.

1. You Constantly Crave Sugary Food

Eating lots of sugar does not immediately calm your appetite because sugar gets processed very fast. You many find yourself craving more and more sweets with every serving not knowing that you’ve already exceeded recommended daily sugar intake.

The fact that sugar releases dopamine doesn’t help either. Neurons release dopamine as a response to rewarding events and keeps us in a good mood. Since the brain sees it as a reward, it begins to crave sugar more, making it very addictive and hard to quit, like many other addictive drugs.

2. Weight Gain

An obvious sign that your consuming too much sugar is weight gain, especially around your midsection.
High levels of sugar in the blood increase insulin production which stores fat in your belly instead of breaking it down or storing it somewhere else.

3. Tooth Decay

It’s not so much the sugar as much as it’s the food that remains stuck between your teeth that causes teeth to decay. Sugary foods are know to get stuck in hard to reach places, thus good oral hygiene is key to keeping teeth healthy.

4. A High Tolerance To Sugar

Your tastes buds can get used to higher levels of sweetness and make less sugary foods taste more dull. There are some people who don’t find fruits like berries as sweet as they actually are because they get accustomed to foods that are much higher in sweetness. If food starts to taste less sweet than it used to, you might be consuming too much sugar.

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