5 Dogs Pictures That Will Melt Your Heart

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It’s no secret that life can be stressful and our days can be filled with a whole lot of seriousness. For that reason it’s important to take a break and look at pictures that will activate that happy center in our brains! Research shows that if you spend just a few moments of quiet time consistently, you have a better chance of reducing your stress dramatically. There is even more evidence that focusing on pleasant imagery in your quiet time can help further your stress reduction.

1. They Grow Up So Fast…

2. We Dare You To Say No To That Face

© _bbycake/reddit

3. Objects In Mirror Are Cuter Than They Appear

© Doktor_Ectoplasm/reddit

4. This Doggo Just Wants Your Attention

© FNTasteyCakes/reddit

5. Roo Love

© Not_Again_Reddit/reddit
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