5 Real Life Easter Eggs That Aliens Will Enjoy Discovering

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1. “This must be where they found inspiration for one of their world religions.” – Aliens – “Let’s make a utility pole.” – Humans –

broken street pole that looks like a cross

© ibigdan

2. “Look, it’s a method to turn sounds into symbols, pretty impressive… for humans.” – Aliens – “We can make musical sheets using the same method we use to print words… we can call it a musical typewriter.” – Humans –

typing machine musical notes

© psuedon / imgur

3. “What a primitive way to prepare for food.” – Aliens – “Let’s gather the whole family and make kebabs!” – Humans –

© talin401 / imgur

4. “Look, they made it to the nearest moon to Earth, how cute.” – Aliens – “We’re the smartest creatures in the universe, we made it to the moon! The Lunar rover is still up there!” – Humans –

lunar rover left over on the moon

© Bubba73/ wikipedia

5. “Look, this planet has creatures with shiny horns!”- Aliens –“Let’s paint their antlers with reflective paint to reduce road accidents.” – Humans –

 horns of deer painted with reflective paint in order to reduce number of accidents on roads

© oligarchy / imgur

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