5 Signs That You’re An Introvert

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It is easy to be misunderstood, especially if you’re different than others. Introverts are sometimes seen as a minority, but there’s more of us than people think. Whether you suspect you’re introverted or that someone you know might be, this list should help answer some questions and possibly encourage more understanding from both sides.

1.Your Partner Is More Extroverted Than You

Carl Jung says in one of his interviews that it is “almost a rule” that an introvert will marry an extrovert for “compensation.” It’s true that sometimes opposites attract, so if you think your partner gets too excited about social events, you could be an introvert.

2.You Love Being Alone

Introverts love it when social events are canceled because that means they can sit alone at home and be free. Being as introspective as they are, introverts need solitude to process things, but they also need time alone to relax and do their own thing. Some like to read or play video games while others watch TV or browse the internet. If you like to maximize your time alone, you could be introverted.

3.You Feel Alone When Surrounded By People

Groups of people are too noisy and high energy for introverts. That noise could disrupt their inner dialogue and disconnect them from themselves. In fact, one of the reasons that introverts have a small group of friends is because they crave deeper connections with others, which is hard to accomplish in large crowds. To make the most out of their relationships, the number of people they expose themselves to needs to be minimal. Otherwise, they would feel too drained to form sentences, let alone socialize.

4.Socializing Too Much Drains You

Socializing is more tiring than people seem to think, especially if you’re a good listener, which most introverts are by default. Another thing that makes socializing more difficult for introverts is that they’re generally more perceptive. Therefore, they expend more energy when conversing with others than extroverts do. If you feel like your brain malfunctions after being around people too much, it’s possible that you’ve  been overstimulated because of your introversion.

5.You Have A Rich Inner World

From the outside, it may seem that an introverted person leads a rather quiet and maybe even dull life, but their mental world is far from it. Introverts are daydreamers, and they’re good at it. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that the real world was as lively as your imaginary one, chances are you’re an introvert.

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