5 Tips to get rid of pregnant women from nausea

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Most women during pregnancy suffer from nausea, especially in the first three months of pregnancy. The pregnant woman may be upset by nausea because she loses her appetite for many important foods that are beneficial to her health and the health of her fetus and may lose weight too much.

This causes the risk of the fetus and the fetus because the condition of this nausea may deprive them of access to the appropriate nutrition and the occurrence of nausea during pregnancy because of changing levels of hormones in the body that is exposed to pregnant women.

To avoid this disturbing situation that you have to keep in the house and to restore appetite again and to feed her baby with those foods useful to him, you have some tips to follow to get rid of feelings of nausea nuisance.


1- Ginger

Ginger is a kind of natural spices and herbs that have a sharp and strong flavor. It is one of the most prominent treatments and the most important recipes for getting rid of morning sickness in pregnant women and the dizziness that follows. According to studies that proved that ginger has an effective role in relieving nausea and calming the stomach because it has a flavor The pregnant woman should take a cup of ginger tea in the morning and before sleeping a cup of boiling ginger with a tablespoon of white honey to feel relaxed and rest and not nausea as well as that it can add ginger spices to the food during cooking, but not When the pregnant women are added to the sweets prepared with ginger because it adversely affects them so that may raise the proportion of sugar in the blood that lead to nausea and this is not required by pregnant women.



2 – Foods rich in vitamins

Pregnant women should eat foods and foods that contain vitamins, most important of which are vitamins that are high in fruits and vegetables such as: Vitamin A, which is found in the islands, spinach, and vitamin B, which is very high in bananas, especially bananas that prevent nausea. Vitamin 6 is found in drugs and contributes to the formation of antibodies

And the formation of red blood cells in the body of the pregnant, which helps this vitamin in the metabolism of fats and proteins and vitamins and reduce nausea significantly and can be taken by the pregnant without consulting the doctor, and pregnant women also eat omega-3 foods, which are found in fish and seafood frequently, Muscle and inflammation also.


3. The holder’s stomach should not be empty

Where the pregnant should eat meals of light foods at spaced intervals throughout the day so as not to keep the stomach of the pregnant empty, because this presents to nausea high rate because the natural acids in the stomach if you can not find foods that digest it, the pregnant woman feels nausea so I do not have to Pregnant women should stay long periods without food and in the morning eat a light breakfast to reduce their feelings of nausea and during the day eat meals every two hours and no more and before going to sleep half an hour or 20 to 30 minutes you eat a snack to ease the feeling of pregnant women nausea in the morning .


4 – eat carbohydrates

Pregnant women are advised to eat carbohydrates before sleeping to keep the body sugar level in the blood and keep away from falling and thus reduce the feeling of nausea and when waking up from sleep, pregnant women eat slices of toast toast or pieces of salted biscuits or ordinary but salted better or less Sugar-free cakes and then take a break for at least a quarter of an hour before getting out of bed. During the day, eat some snacks that contain light foods such as rice, potatoes, pasta and gelatin to relieve symptoms of nausea.


5 – Stay away from liquids during food

Doctors specializing in gynecology and pregnancy are advised not to drink any liquids during meals, such as water and juices, especially soft drinks, which have a very negative effect on the health of the pregnant and fetal health, where nausea increases in pregnant women when drinking large amounts of fluids during eating and to avoid the occurrence of Pregnant women should drink appropriate fluids at intervals between meals during the day and drink water at least every two hours because it helps in improving the blood circulation of the body and helps the flow of blood to the fetus, but avoid drinking water while eating to relieve the pain Z fatigue and nausea, which is something very annoying for pregnant women.


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