6 Effective solutions for hair treatment for women

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With different seasons and change, there is a problem of hair crust for many of us, which appear in the form of white shells in the scalp and hair and may cause itching

and this is due to dry hair, and sometimes no matter how we try to use creams and shampoos to eliminate the crust does not give us effective result fast or fast.

In this article we show you the most important reasons that lead to cortex and how to get rid of it.


The most important reasons leading to the incidence of dandruff:

– Fatty scalp:

The presence of fatty sebum and the presence of dysfunction in this fatty gland leads to the occurrence of crust.


– Use of chemicals:

The use of chemicals in hair care from shampoos, balms and creams also increase the risk of dandruff.

– Do not wash the hair:

Failure to wash and clean hair leads to the accumulation of dust and fatty oils in the scalp, leading to the occurrence of the scalp of the scalp.

– Contraceptive pills :

The use of contraceptive pills by women affects the growth of skin cells, and the use of hats, headscarves and head coverings with anything narrow or non-cotton materials that lead to increased sweat in the scalp causes the occurrence of cortex, and the causes of the cortex do not stop the wrong methods in the care of the scalp.

– Psoriasis:

Psoriasis, which leads to the formation of the crust in the scalp and the accumulation of dead skin, eczema, a skin disease leading to dandruff.

– Sensitivity:

Allergy to some substances that are involved in the installation of some moisturizers and creams used for hair cause the crust, malaysia fungi skin irritation and cause the occurrence of crust, not only that we find that men are more susceptible to dandruff due to their male hormones.

-Methods of Treatment:

Dandruff can be prevented and eliminated in several ways including:

– Eat foods that nourish the hair:

Eat nutritious food for the hair and provide it with the elements that protect it from the crust.

– Massage scalp:

Revitalize the blood circulation by massage it when washing hair.

– Get rid of infections:

Also rid of any infections are found in the scalp.

– Natural oils:

Natural oils have an important and effective role in the elimination of the cortex. The scalp can be treated with various types of hand and hand massage for a while, including coconut oil, almond oil, tea oil, aloe vera oil and castor oil.

-Fenugreek seeds :

Some of the important substances that can be used in the treatment of dandruff are also the seeds of the ring. The ring contains many important nutrients, such as potassium, vitamins, acids, nicotine, protein and others.


The addition of aspirin to the shampoo used in washing the hair eliminates the crust, when applying yogurt to the hair and scalp as a nut for feeding and washing after a period of the crust as well.

-Apple cider vinegar:

And the apple vinegar powerful effectiveness in the elimination of the crust, adding this article to the water wash the hair works effectively to eliminate the crust of the head in addition to make the hair shiny and healthier.


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