6 Examples of Awesome and Functional Product Design

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Designers know that how you design a product can influence how it is perceived, how it’s used, and even whether you’ll be convinced to buy it or not. It’s not just about creating a beautiful thing, but focusing on what problem it will solve — even if the problem doesn’t seem like it’s a big one. Over time, we get very used to our conveniences and saving time!

1. This Hotel Values Making a Difference — Details Matter!

© NoStelthMod / reddit

2. A Levitating Cocktail Glass to Impress Your Guests

© beanyburger / reddit

 3. Now You Don’t Have to Guess Which Toilet Stalls Aren’t Occupied!

4. These Markers Come With a Whole Set of Extra Lids, Because the Lids Get Lost So Often

© mrpotatoboi / reddit

5. This Hotel Is Giving Out Chocolate Hammers Because They Are Currently Doing Construction

(Now That’s a Way to Make Light of the Situation!)

6. An Extra Mini Roll of Toilet Paper that Goes In a Regular Roll! A Great Way to Use Extra Space

© JDub91 / reddit

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