6 Foods that spoil fury, and produce hunger after eating it

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Hunger has a role in the failure of dieting to lose weight. To preserve diet, nutritionist specifies foods that cause hunger in the following. Note that eating meals high in calories causes hunger, which raises blood sugar index and levels of insulin, which prevents the effect of “leptin” / satiety hormone.

1. Juice

The process used in the manufacture of juice is lost by the majority of nutrients in it, like fiber, and converted into a sugar-rich in calories that raise blood sugar, drinking makes him feel hungry. So, remove the juice from daily diet food, and eat the fruits of the whole fruit.

2. Yogurt

These foods, which described as healthy snacks do not saturate the body, given that they do not require chewing. Without chewing, the body does not often feel full! In a cup (170 grams) of yogurt: 150 calories, 6 grams of protein, 1.5 grams of fat and about 25 grams of sugar. Instead of low-fat yogurt, it is advisable to choose Greek yogurt, because it contains low protein compared to low-fat, adding fruits, nuts and seeds to it for additional fibers and antioxidants.

3. Granola Plates

Traditional Granola tablets made from sugar and hydrogenated oils, are protein-free, lower in calories compared to other meals, and carry a flavor that may satisfy an appetite. However, it will not feel full.

4. Ketchup

It is advisable to think twice before adding ketchup to potatoes or other foods. Ketchup or any food made from high fructose corn syrup increases appetite. Corn syrup stops the metabolism of the body It slows the production of leptin, which helps to feel full. As a result, no signal sent that the time has come to a stop eating.

5. Breakfast cereals (cornflakes) sweetened with sugar

It is devoid of fiber and protein, the nutrients that the body needs in the morning to maintain the stability of blood sugar and avoid the “shock” of hunger in the middle of the morning. The association of sugary breakfast cereals with skimmed milk means losing the fat needed to stretch the body full. In this context, breakfast cereals containing more than 5 grams of natural fiber selected in each serving, with another category containing beneficial fats or protein. In the same context, breakfast cereals are low-calorie diet, sugar, fiber, and protein.

6. Salty snacks

It is not possible to take only one serving, as these diets contain a few plus sodiums, which is often devoid of fiber or protein. The high content of salt in these foods causes dehydration, which may deceive the body and urge him to ask for more snacks instead of drinking a glass of water. The lack of protein and fiber in the snack means that carbohydrates are too many and unbalanced, which raises blood sugar sharply. In this context, brain tests show that sodium releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, which means that the more salt you eat, the more you desire.

To maintain dieting, it is necessary to avoid foods that breed hunger …

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