6 Photos With Heart-Touching Stories Behind Them

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1. This butterfly was given the opportunity to fly again by somebody who had the skills to recreate a part of its wing. Amazing!

© Romy McCloskey / Facebook

This butterfly was born with a damaged wing. Luckily it happened to be under the care of a person who would often take caterpillars from their garden for safekeeping and make sure they grow into healthy butterflies. When they saw the damaged wing, they thought they may need to just keep the butterfly indoors until they were encouraged by a friend to try to repair its wing. They did and now look at the result! The butterfly can now fly freely for the rest of its life.

2. This Boy Only Wants Support From Santa — Not Gifts

© Emily Coker

This boy’s father is seriously ill. So instead of asking for gifts for Christmas, he asked for his father’s recovery instead, as he had been in the hospital for years. The image went viral and the family ended up receiving a huge amount of support from people all around the world.

3. A Father of a Newborn Baby That Passed Away Asked Users Online to Photoshop a Photo of His Daughter

© Nathen Steffel / reddit © unkybrewster / reddit.com

This sweet girl was in the hospital for her entire life battling medical problems. The family was never able to take a photo of her without all of her tubes, so the father asked a community online to use Photoshop to create a photo without her tubes. When they asked for that, they received more than just one great photo — they also received paintings, multiple other photos and a whole lot of support.

4. This Child with Autism and One of His Biggest Supporters — an American Football Star!

© Leah Paske / Facebook

The mother of this boy with autism expressed that although her son is kind and communicative, the other kids at school often avoid him because he has autism. Later, the mother found out from a friend that a famous American Football player decided to sit with him at lunch so he wouldn’t be alone.

5. Alzheimer’s Disease and How It Changes Your Brain

© wuillermania / Reddit

This is an amazing image from Reddit that shows a visual journey of one mother’s mind as Alzheimer’s disease transformed it over time. Two years of time passed from the first colorful square she crocheted and the last piece of wool that doesn’t really resemble a solid design or shape.

Luckily, the family received an outpouring of support after the post. Alzheimer’s disease is a very difficult experience for anyone to have to go through. The better we understand it, the better we can learn to support those at risk or currently dealing with the disease.

6. This Man Hugs a Kitten After His House is Burnt Down

© NTV Radyo / Facebook

The house this man and his family were living in were burned to ashes. Thankfully though, nobody was hurt, and they even were able to save the kitten from the fire. The Government helped this man and his family obtain a new home. In the meantime, this powerful image that displays compassion and kindness touched hearts around the world.

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