7 Babies That Are More Expressive Than Most Adults

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1. A sweet kid, 7 months old, listening to Bach and really enjoying it!

© imgur.com

2. “As sweet as these berries are, they can not relieve the bitterness of existence.”

© nakolas/reddit.com

3. “I don’t know why I bother watching the news, all these politicians are lying scum bags”

© slippydips/imgur.com

4. “Ahh… this view brings back so many memories…”

© gulls77/imgur.com

5. When you love the camera, but it’s not always kind to you

© jojocov/reddit.com

6. It is at that moment that they realized they made a big mistake…

© itsreallynotme/imgur.com

7. “I love licking my pet human. I wonder if she likes it, too…”

© MisterMurphy64/reddit.com

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