7 Cringeworthy Photos That Might Ruin Your Day

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If you’re a perfectionist and love it when things are in their proper place, you’ve clicked on the wrong link! We’ve gathered a collection of photos that we think are some of the most annoying images to ever be posted on the internet. Its as if these photos were designed to test our patience and to make just about anyone feel a little uncomfortable.

1. Coloring Outside The Lines

© MaxwellEdison210/reddit

2. When Life Gives You Pizza, Don’t Do This…

© FuckJerry/twitter

3. This Elevator Will Facilitate Your Descent Into Madness

© brunette_and_busty/reddit

4. Not Sure Why, But Ice Cubes In A Glass Of Milk Is Just Wrong…

© bengiannis/reddit

5. You Might Wanna Look Away…

© SpacemanSpiff958/reddit

6. Lift ‘n’ Peel, Then Misery

© CactusCait/reddit

7. A Classic Example Of Overdesign

© Woody1992/reddit
What images annoyed you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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