7 Ethereal Photos Where Water Was Naturally Magical

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1. Cloudy sky floating on the shore…

© Laurent Rosset / twitter

2. A gigantic red dust storm raging over the ocean near Australia’s western coast

© Brett Martin / reddit

3. Water so pure, the boat looks like it’s floating in midair

© unknown / imgur

4. Reflected in water drops from this angle, these tiny flowers appear to be contained in small glass orbs!

© Miki Asai / facebook

5. One boat pulling 145 water skiers, painting the ocean with an epic stunt!

© unknown / imgur

6. An extraordinary sight, this photo of a seafoam splash was caught at a thousandth of a second!

© lionhearth21 / reddit

7. Miniature planes raining down in water droplets! The power of perspective!

© ChazDoge / imgur

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