7 Funny Furry Animals That Have Mastered Comedy

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1. How funny are cats when they sit on their paws like that? So adorable!

© little-bird/Reddit

2. Sharing is caring #feedthepug

© Twitter

3. This cute possum got stuck in the wall because it was too fat. Luckily it got out and all is well now.

© negativna/Reddit

4. “Is that what food looks like !? Terrifying!”

© Imgur

5. Just your average pregnant yawning cat. Nothing to see here.

© FeliksMarello/Pikabu

6. This weather forecast in Germany was interrupted by the little kitty because he wanted to be held. Germany sure knows how to prioritize! Love first, weather later.

© EuronGreyjoy/Pikabu

7. Zero Meows Given

© Cranky Canuck/Twitter

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