7 People Who Are Doing Just Fine Without Logic

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1. You can give a man both a fish AND a fishing rod, but sometimes they’ll just dump both in the river.

funny picture funny image man wearing sunglasses and hat in sunlight but using hand to cover sun instead

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2. Did this engineering choice solve or create a problem?

funny image funny picture bad road sedisng sense curious

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3. That’s actually a good point…

my niece could not fall asleep because she wanted to know, if she sells her hair and the person who buys it commits murder and leaves her hair at the crime scene, will her DNA get her in trouble? She is 12 years old. Now I can't sleep either.

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4. When you dislike taking the easy route

opening a can with a can top using can opener

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5. At first glance it might seem clever

I've been using my own lifehack for 10 years: I never put dairy products on the top shelf in the fridge near the light bulb (the heat from the bulb turns sour cream, sour). I recently shared this secret with my wife. She says I'm an idiot, because the light is always off in a closed fridge.

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6. Plugged in, but not working, time to return it…

cord of surge protector plugged in to itself

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7. If 1 baby = 9 months…then 2 babies = 1 baby + 1 baby = 9+9 = 18 months, thank you math!

does it take 18 months for twins to be born? or 9?

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