7 Strange Objects That Are Mildly Interesting

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1. Cake knife that comes with a match. More like mildly convenient!

© saga56 / Reddit

2. A penny with no numbers. Wonder how much it costs… Not one cent, that’s for sure!


3. The ‘oops!’ key is more accurate than ‘backspace”

© metamoof / Reddit

4. Someone died on February 30th. 

© Zekyriah / Reddit

5. Uncut pasta were found in this package. Mildly interesting.

© paydrough / Reddit

6. A small church found atop a street lamp. Tiny people live on street lamps confirmed!

© Majkl440__ / Reddit

7. Even non law-abiding citizens will stop to see this classy stop sign!

© aetlil / Reddit

How interested were you in these images? Let us know below in the comment section, and feel free to share mildly interesting images of your own!

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