7 Weird Treasures That Are Oddly Amusing

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These items revived the childlike wonder of the people who happened to find them. Maybe they’ll have the same effect on you, too!

1. As If The Hulk Didn’t Look Mutated Enough…

© essmac/Reddit

2. A Rare Fossil Of A Pair Of Glasses

© MyLoveBox/Reddit

3. A Screwdriver Within Another Screwdriver

© shafthurtsalot/Reddit

4. Smiling Carrots Make Your Eyes Happier

© shegoesgentle/Reddit

5. As Motivational As It Is Terrifying

© numb3r1Sp0rts_fan/Reddit

6. Can Disguised As A Can, A Perfect Hiding Spot!

© jamestwatt/Reddit

7. Discovered In Discovery Park, Seattle… Is This Considered Tampering With Evidence?

© metrion/Reddit

Do you have any weird or interesting photos you’d like to share with us? Feel free to post them down below in the comments!

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