8 Incredible Photos Of Discoveries You Will Not Believe Exist

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1. A sideways spoon. Usability to be determined…

© XUD9 / Reddit

2. A squirrel decided to use this man’s car as storage for its pine cones.

© Chickennoodle666 / Reddit

3. A tree that struggled its way out of this sign post. Talk about inspiring!

© mattylou / Reddit

4. A spine found by a man on the beach. Creepy!

© SmallandAngry / Reddit

5. That egg on the left might have spent too much time under the sun…

© cjyoda78 / Reddit

6. An adorable tiny lizard keeping its body warm with a laptop charger

© meikooooo / Reddit

7. A mutated baby chick that was born with 4 legs.

© victorjeronimo10 / Reddit

8. It’s hard to believe this beautiful albino alligator exists

© invalidusernam3

Cactico hopes you found these images amusing. Share your thoughts in the comments below! We’d also love to see a hard-to-believe photo of your own!

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