A Method to Diagnose Early Signs of Deadly Diseases

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Only 25% of women have a decent chance of recovering from breast cancer if the tumor diagnosed late. However, the possibility of recovery becomes a whopping 98% if the disease is diagnosed in its early stages.

Early diagnoses of serious diseases are one of the most effective ways of dealing with them, and luckily in Switzerland, scientists have discovered a simple and safe way to detect early symptoms of deadly illnesses, like cancer.

The Experiment

An important sign of cancer is hypercalcaemia, a condition where the calcium levels in your blood are much higher than normal. Swiss scientists have developed cells that darken when a patient has hypercalcaemia, making early detection possible and cancer much more easily treatable.

The experiment was performed on mice and has proven successful. The newly developed cells were transplanted to healthy and infected mice, and as expected the cells darkened in the sick mice and had no effect in the healthy ones.


This method of detecting early symptoms can help us detect cancers like lung cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer in early stages and save countless lives. Unfortunately, it is common for patients to walk in to a doctor’s office when the cancer has reached late stages, making recovery possible, but difficult.

It would take many years to perfect this method of early detection and make it reliable for humans to use, but our patience will pay off and, hopefully, cancer will no longer be so frightening in the future.

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