Breaking down Inspirational Quotes Pt. 2

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1.We Must Let Go Of The Life We Have Planned, To Accept The One That Is Waiting For Us

Sometimes we have to learn to let go. Now, this doesn’t mean that we can’t have control over our lives, but it is essential that we understand that life doesn’t always go our way. And that is fine; sometimes unforeseen detours can be blessings in disguise. And sometimes they’re not, that is also fine.

It’s important to know when to persist in trying to get what we want and when to accept that some things can’t always go our way. In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether that’s true or not.

2. It’s Not Selfish To Do What Is Best For You

Even though it it pretty straightforward, this quote is not entirely accurate. It IS selfish to do what is best for you. But that isn’t a bad thing. Selfishness is OK, in fact, not being selfish is unhealthy. If we don’t think about ourselves enough, we let others take advantage of us by putting their needs ahead of ours. Self-love is necessary for us to care about our well-being.

It isn’t OK to be too greedy, but it isn’t OK to be too selfless, either. You need a balance, and to maintain that balance, you need to do what’s best for you. So, in other words, “It’s not TOO selfish to do what is best for you.”

3.Life Is Not About Waiting For The Storm To Pass, But Learning To Dance In The Rain

This expression both agrees and disagrees with the first quote. On the one hand, it is saying things won’t always go your way. On the other, it’s telling make the most out of the ‘storms.’ Deciding to dance in the rain is a form of taking control and deciding your fate. Even if you can’t choose your problems, you can still decide how you would like to deal with them.

Just because your co-workers give you a hard time, doesn’t mean you have to sit there and take it. Laugh in their face or fire back insults at them. Or be very kind to them. Whatever you want, you get to decide how to respond. Don’t worry about trying to control them; it works both ways, they can’t control you, either.

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