Cactico Short Stories – Lightning Bolt Joe

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There once was a boy named Joe

And he only had one goal

not to be an average Joe

but as fast a lightning bolt


He ran every morning 

He ran after school

He ran every evening

They thought he was a fool


“I might be a fool…”

He wrote in a letter,

“But atleast I’m not average!”

And then he felt better


The next morning he ran

After school as well

At night, just as planned

He ran till he almost fell


Many years had passed

When a huge competition took place

“Here we are at last,” said Joe,

“I’m gonna win this race!”


The crowd was huge

all the contestants’ parents had attended

before the race began

it started to rain, how unexpected!


The organizers discussed the predicament

Some were in favor of postponing

others were against, so they decided,

“We’ll let the contestants do the voting!”


After asking them one by one, it was decided

The athletes agreed to run while it rained

The organizers were a little suprised

But also impressed, so no one complained


The runners stood at the line, soaking wet

“On your mark!”

“Get Set!”



Joe sprinted like he never had before

He began to sweat, he could taste the salt

but he wanted nothing more 

Than to be faster than a lightning bolt


One after another

He outsped the contestants

He reached third place

Then shortly after he was second


His final opponent was no pushover

She was faster than him slightly

But Joe had stamina, it wasn’t over

He just had to hold on tightly


Soon the finish line was approaching

Joe and the girl couldn’t pretend

They respected one anothers strength, nodding

as they ran steadily towards the end


The rain got heavier, the tension higher

The other contestants behind them didn’t give in

The crowd cheered “Joe”, louder and louder

He and the girl shared the same name, they couldn’t help but grin


Suddenly, there was a flash

Lightning struck the ground near the girl

She flew a few meters back and crashed

Joe looked behind him, watching her get hurled


The crowd sighed and then grew silent

Her mother screamed

“What do I do?” Joe thought,

“Should I help or keep going?”


He could see the runners behind them getting closer

They hadn’t stopped running

The race was still on

It was now or never!


Joe didn’t want to be average

He wanted to be faster than lightning

But he wanted to earn that title

not win by actual lightning striking


He turned around, and went to help Jo

As the other runners passed by

Joe didn’t mind losing though

He just let out a sigh


The next day, everyone spoke of the incident

The girl was hospitalized, they were all concerned

Fortunately the girl, Jo, survived the event

A few days later, back home she returned


Soon after she felt better, Jo visited Joe

And thanked him for what happened a few days ago

He laughed, blushing. “What’s so funny?” she asked.

” I guess you’ll go down in history as ‘Lightning Bolt Jo’ “.


They both laughed

Joe made a new friend

Before, he only cared about winning

But for the first time he felt victorious


“I know that I was going to win anyway, so it doesn’t matter” He joked.

“Is that so?” Jo replied. ” Well then, let’s find out!”

“Are you crazy, you just recently healed!” he exclaimed.

Ignoring him, she ran, and then he followed, racing towards the horizon.







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