Check Out These Important Tips for Better Sleep

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Falling asleep (or staying asleep) can be very difficult for many. It’s typically our restless minds or ideas that we hold in our head that can create issues with sleeping. Below are some tips that can really help you to be able to sleep better if you follow them consistently!

Tips For Getting Better Sleep

1) Try not to take naps (longer than 30mins or so), unless you absolutely have to. This can really mess with your body’s sleep schedule.

2) Cut back the caffeine. The effects caffeine has on the body can last much longer than people might think. Studies have also shown that caffeine is not metabolized fast enough at night.

3) Train yourself to only use your bed for sleep. If you use your bed for all sorts of things or if you stay in your bed too long when you can’t sleep, your mind will automatically associate your bed with a place for doing a lot of things. If you only use it for sleeping, it will be easier for your brain to recognize that it’s time to sleep and begin to shut down.

4) Avoid alcohol. This can be a tough one for some because many people use alcohol to help them wind down at night. However, alcohol can end up keeping the body from reaching the deeper stages of sleep, where the body gets its most replenishing and healing rest.

5) Establish a consistent time that you go to bed. This again will help your brain get into the habit of winding down at the same time and as a result make it much easier to get to sleep.

Exercise Regularly

6) Exercise regularly. This of course will help you get out all of your energy or stresses. Sometimes we don’t realize how stressed we are, and exercise will help our brain produce endorphins and make it easier to maintain a positive attitude as well as feel completely ready at night to retire.

To get started on practicing healthy habits for better sleep, check out our article on physical wellness. What tricks do you use to aid in getting better sleep? Let us know below, we’d love to hear from you!

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