Cliché Sayings Explained: “The Only Disability In Life Is A Bad Attitude.”

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A lot of insightful sayings become cliché, which is kind of unfortunate. Cliché sayings like “better safe than sorry,” or “you can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself” sound generic and repetitive because everyone says them. But they happen to hold important truths that can improve our lives drastically.

Cactico has decided to take a different approach, an attempt to reexplain old cliché sayings in order to revive them and change their current status from dull and repetitive back to valuable information.

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” You might wanna rephrase that dude…

Simplifying things may or may not be a good idea, but with this quote, it’s a terrible idea. If only it read, “One of the greatest disabilities in life is a bad attitude,” or even, “The greatest disability in life is a bad attitude.” But to say it is the ONLY disability is simply unrealistic or at the very least an exaggeration for the purpose of having a profound effect on whoever reads or hears it.

It’s kind of like, “It’s all in your head.” Well, yeah, it IS in my head, but it’s out here, too! With expressions like “it’s all in your head,” and, “the only disability in life is a bad attitude,” the intention is to inform using an expression and not a 100% factual statement. Needless to say, robots in the future are going to have a hard time understaning our quotes and phrases.

The Harsh Truth

To get back on point, non-attitude-based disabilities are very real and can be very limiting. It is wise to understand our strengths and weaknesses at every given moment so we can act in a manner that is realistic and effective. Having limitations doesn’t mean we can’t do anything or that we’re hopeless. It’s just how things are.

For example, an extravert will have a hard time shutting their mouth when necessary or staying alone for long periods of time and a beautiful person might have to question over and over whether their character or appearance is what attracts people towards them. Extraversion and beauty, 2 traits that seemingly have only positive benefits, can also limit us in some ways. Limits, therefore, are not a reason to question our worth or potential, they are merely traits we need to pay attention to.

Treating Limitations As Strengths Makes You Weaker

Some people go into denial and decide their weaknesses are strengths. There are many examples of this, Fat Pride is one of them. This isn’t to say that there aren’t a few people out there who are attracted to heavier people, but this isn’t the norm. The norm is to be attracted to healthy or fit bodies (fairly obvious and self-explanatory).

It seems like Fat Pride is a lazy attempt by a group of overweight individuals to justify their lifestyle by stating that they “chose” to be overweight. This does nothing but keep unhealthy people unhealthy. The only good point that these people can make, yet fail to ever bring up, is that fat shaming is cruel and unfair, as it is criticizing others for being ill. Instead, they get offended when you call it an illness!

Fat shaming is one thing, but to suggest that people should remain overweight is dangerous and helps NO ONE. Even people who are overweight hate Fat Pride, like this guy here.

Telling yourself that you’re a social butterfly when in reality you’re extremely shy and don’t like being around others too much doesn’t serve you. It is important that we remain as honest with ourselves as we possibly can. Harsh truths are better than comforting lies. With that in mind, do not look at your weaknesses as strength, you will only remain weaker as a result.

The Benefits Of Having A Good Attitude

Many obstacles in our lives are mental obstacles. To overcome the uncountable challenges thrown our way, we need to have the right mindset to deal with them. Hating problems is not a healthy mindset. Problems = Life. If you’re alive, you’re gonna have problems. It’s just how it is.

Treating problems as natural occurances versus unfortunate situations can drastically change the quality of your life. You don’t want to be too bitter about the hand you’re dealt, some healthy amount of indifference, or better yet, positivity can go a long way.

Having a good and positive outlook opens up many more possibilites to you than a cynical and negative perspective, something we talk a lot about on this site. The possibility of making your life better can be right infront of you, yet your negativity could leave you blind and unable to clearly see it. Clear your mind, atleast from negativity, it’s a good place to start. For more info about clearing your mind, check out this article on why you need to meditate.

In conclusion, having the right attitude might make dealing with your disabilities easier. A bad attitude is a great disability by itself, and luckily, it’s one of those disabilities that you can cure.


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