Cliché Sayings Explained: “There are no mistakes in life, only lessons.”

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A lot of insightful sayings become cliché, which is kind of unfortunate. Cliché sayings like “better safe than sorry,” or “you can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself” sound generic and repetitive because everyone says them. But they happen to hold important truths that can improve our lives drastically.

Cactico has decided to take a different approach, an attempt to reexplain old cliché sayings in order to revive them and change their current status from dull and repetitive back to valuable information.

“There are no mistakes in life, only lessons.” Yeah Right!

Many people dislike hearing this because it seems to undermine the pain someone is going through after they’ve messed up. The pain is real, the embarassment is real, so how can mistakes not be real? Well they are, but they are also something else.

Mistakes are actions taken because of a failure or missed opportunity to learn an important lesson. It’s a direct result of not knowing something. Once you learn the lesson, the mistake can be avoided successfully.

Some argue that struggles are necessary for life. They believe thats struggles are what fuel life and in many ways that is true. Any lesson learned was caused by pain of some sort. Or maybe even by luck. In other words, lessons come from interacting with the world and experience.

Even when someone teaches you a lesson and you had to experience no pain as a result, usually they themselves had to struggle and learn the hard way OR maybe someone they knew learned the hard way and taught them OR… you get the point.

there are no mistakes in life, only lessons

Parenting, A Hit Or Miss Kind Of Game

Successful parenting is greatly measured by the kind of lessons parents teach their children. Loving them is another part, but that is a different topic for some other time.

The problem with lessons that come from our parents is that it’s a gamble. When we are children, we have very little control over our lives, therefore making us in the hands of our guardians (generally our parents). As a result, learning important life lessons from our parents is very luck-based.

Unfortunately, most people’s upbringing isn’t the greatest, leaving us lost in a world that is unforgiving at times. That’s why we need to act like our own parents and take control over our lives (or seek mentors) in order to learn those lessons.

Most Mistakes Are A Result Of Not Knowing Something…

…Thus we should look at mistakes as opportunities to learn because there was a reason why the mistakes happened (and no, it’s not because we suck).

Pain is a powerful motivator, it drives us to do things that no amount of motivational words can. Pain comes from experience and mistakes, they make us grow. Wise words can only help so much. We need to take action and just accept that we are going to fail.


If you are to present a project to your class and you’re extremely anxious, tell yourself, “I’m not gonna resist, I’m just going to accept that I will appear anxious and nervous.” Then you will stop worrying about it. If you act nervous, you’ve already accepted it and that is the first step to changing anything. If you weren’t as nervous as you thought you would be, then you just learned something.

As cliché as it sounds, the idea that mistakes are lessons in disguise is still very true in many ways. If you accept that life is difficult and that mistakes are inevitable occurrences that can’t be avoided if we want to grow and learn, then you’ve fixed half the problem. The other half consists of figuring out what the lessons were after you’ve made the mistake.

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