How to deal with the wife’s jealousy?

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Jealousy is a sign of love, especially between couples. The wife is always jealous of her husband to look at others or to take care of others, but if she convinced her self that her husband if he wanted others, he did not marry her, jealousy would somehow decrease, which may sometimes be devastating.

How to deal with her jealousy?

Firstly you must somehow respect this jealousy when dealing with it since it’s a sign of love.

Secondly, try always to talk, argue, and take care of her, so to be convinced that you are for her and you don’t love or take care of anybody like her so her doubts will decrease slowly.

Try to keep away from things that really can cause her to be jealous, try to take care of her in front of people, let her feel that she is the only one.

Don’t be angry whenever she shows her jealousy, and you have to understand and talk to her always. And for that, you have to build a strong personality and learn some tips on how to argue with your wife.

And if you can’t afford these things, try from the beginning of your relationship to solve this problem or break up, so you don’t feel regret.

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