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…What would happen on an all out war between the major powers of our planet? Would we destroy ourselves? Now imagine: What would happen if we were attacked by aliens…in the middle of the third world war…? …Would we unite and stand as one, or would we divide and fall…? -WELCOME TO Earth Conflict-


Last build I worked on, might be unstable and unbalanced and AI doesnt work properly. Multiplayer not tested.

Not quite sure if I’m going to keep working on this mod so I decided to release this version, which is the one I was trying

to get people to help me test few weeks ago.

This version only includes USA and ChinaPLA, some placeholders might be replacing real units or UI icons.

Launcher included.

Change log(maybe not 100% accurate):

  • B1 Lancer(USA) payload decreased.
  • Flame Warrior(China) no longer creates fire storm, aoe and damage to infantry and buildings increased.
  • Abilities for AT infantry(USA and China) removed.
  • M72 Law and Type 66 RPG now do less damage to tanks
  • Added new SFX for several weapons.
  • Added new FX for several weapons.
  • Changed FX for several weapons.
  • FGM-148 damage reduced, added pre-attack delay. No longer able to attack infantry or jets, damage to heavy tanks, choppers and buildings decreased, demage to light units increased.
  • Increased base health of MBTs.
  • Armor for vehicles and weapon’s damage rebalanced.
  • Supply Drop zone(USA) income decreased.
  • Hacker(China) income decreased.
  • Tech: Supply drop zone income increased.
  • Tech: Oil Derrick income rebalanced.
  • New 3D model for Free-fall and laser guided bombs.
  • Cold Fusion reactor replaced by Coal reactor(USA).
  • Coal Reactor build cost 800, power incraesed to 7 and build time decreased to 5 secs.
  • American Barracks build cost increased to 800 and build time decreased to 8 secs.
  • American Airfield build cost increased to 4000 and build time decreased to 20 secs.
  • American Supply center build cost increased to 2750 and build time to 12 secs.
  • American Warfactory increased to 2800 and build time to 18 secs.
  • American Strategy center build price decreased to 2500 and build time to 30 secs
  • American Research Center build price decreased to 3000 and build time to 30 secs.
  • American Command center build time decreased to 40 secs.
  • American AT-4 Pit build price decreased to 800.
  • American Phanlax CIWS – Removed.
  • PLA’s Gattling base defense Zu-23-2 – Removed.
  • PLA Nuclear reactor price increased to 1200 and build time decreased to 8 secs.
  • PLA Supply center build price decreased to 1500 and build time to 8 secs.
  • PLA Battacks build time decreased to 5 secs.
  • PLA Airfield build time decreased to 30secs.
  • PLA Warfactory build price increased to 2300 and build time to 20 secs.
  • PLA Propaganda center build price increased to 3500 and build time to 50 secs.
  • PLA Speaker tower build price increased to 1000 and build time decreased to 5 secs.
  • PLA Internet center build price decreased to 2400 and build time to 20 secs.
  • PLA Bunker build price increased to 1400, build time to 8 secs and increased HP to 1800.
  • PLA Command center build price increased to 2400 and build time to 50secs.
  • New buildings: Tech Secret Lab, Tech Airshipyard.
  • Price for all units changed.
  • Added Tech: Black market, allowing the owner to buy cold-era vehicles at low prices, units spawn at 50% hp.
  • Fixed several ToolTips and labels.
  • Reworked Generals Powers, increased amount of units that require unlocked prior to production.
  • Added USA basic HEMTT, upgradable to Phanlax CIWS or Patriot SAM.
  • ZBD-03 Chassis texture improved.
  • Added new FireFX, detonation FX and SFX to several weapons.
  • Added decals to display minimum firing range for long range weapons.
  • Reduced particle count of several effects.
  • Replaced old projectile based tracer with a particle based one(similar to the one on RotR) — Working, thanks to The_Hunter -.
  • Added smoke screen counter measure to a few vehicles(as an upgrade).
  • Changed bonus table for veterancy, difficult level and everything else that affects weapons rangedamage
  • Upgrades reworked.
  • ZH’s campaigns and challenges disabled.
  • Long-range artillery range increased.
  • ArtilleryMRLS’s prices increased.
  • ArtilleryMRLS’s accuracy decreased.
  • M270 MGM168 damage reduced, delay between shots increased and reload time decreased.
  • WS-3 “clip size” increased to 30, reload time set to 2min.
  • WS-3 Frag removed.
  • Type89 MRLS payload increased to 40, reload time set to 80 secs.
  • PLZ-05 and M109 Paladin resized.
  • Added new Explosion FXs for artillery.
  • Added pre-attack delay to long-range artillery weapons.
    • M109 155mm: 0.8s
    • PLZ-05 155mm: 1.2s
    • M270: 1.5s
    • M270 ATACMS: 1.2sec
    • WS-3: 2.4s
    • Type89 MRLS: 1.8 sec
  • Added B-2 Spiirt, stealthlow hp(75% less hp compared to B1)low speed8x Free fall bombs(150% more damage when compared to B1)long reload time(can be upgraded to reduce the reload time).
  • “Lucky shots” mechanic implemented and working;
  • Detonation FX for large-cal MRLS improved.
  • PLZ-05 155mm coax removed.
  • Adjusted old armor settings, Added new armor settings for few vehicles.
  • Balanced Rocket pods for all Helicopters.
  • Changes to drones: Reduced armor, production time, production cost, speed, turn rate, fire rate.
  • Reworked behavior of most missiles.
  • American Warfactory no longer requires supply center to be built.
  • American sandbag bunker REPLACED with a (x1)vehicle sandbag banker.
  • All aircrafts already come with flares installed..
  • Added American SCV(Shipyard construction vehicle) unit.
  • Added Chinese SCV(Shipyard construction vehicle) unit.
  • USS Arleigh Burke (DDG51) Balanced.
  • USS Zumwalt (DDG1000) Balanced.
  • PLA’s Type 052D destroyer Balanced.

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