Eat Healthier by Growing Your Own Food at Your Home

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PlantingIt is a very rewarding experience to grow your own food, and it can be a lot cheaper, too!

One of the issues that many people face when thinking about creating a garden is that they don’t have enough space. However, even if you don’t have much of a yard or much space in your home, you actually can still grow your own fresh foods for yourself and/or your family.

The key to growing in areas with a limited amount of space is to only focus on what you really want to grow and what will be most useful. Think about what you can plant that will yield the most fruit or vegetables. For example, tomato plants can take a lot of space, but just one or two of them can easily provide enough for four people with some left over for canning.

How Much is Enough?

Around two square feet of dirt is enough to grow a single tomato plant. Most people have more than two square feet of ground somewhere around their home.

In addition to this though, you’ll also want to make sure you can pick a spot with enough direct sunlight. That will ensure that you have success growing your plants. If you live in an apartment or condo, you can take advantage of sunlight exposure by using planter boxes or window sill containers.


Your Key to Healthy Plants

You should keep the soil well fertilized in order to help make the best use of your smaller spaces. Use a good fertilizer and blend it in well with your soil.

You’ll also want to give each plant at least the minimum space recommended and plan each row to make the most of your small garden.

Even with a smaller garden you can do something such as a couple of tomato plants, some lettuce, carrots, and a couple of bell pepper plants. This will give you a lot of fresh produce to work with!

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