Five practical Tips for Teaching Kids ALPHABETS

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Many mothers are keen to teach children the alphabets, and how to write them before they enter the primer, to enjoy the ability to recognize most of the characters at a young age, and to teach your child the alphabet in a stimulating and enjoyable follow these steps:


The mother must set a time plan for each letter to teach her child how to pronounce the character and recognize the form and on some of the words that begin with, and then learn to write the letter.


The mothers should adopt comic books that are related to the topic of children’s learning of alphabets so that they can link the characters with the characters in the pictures.


The mother can use educational games for alphabets, and it is better to be as tangible as the games of the system of 3D; because the child has a strong memory by sensing the character will draw a picture in his mind enables him to apply the image in writing.


Use the method of writing characters by points or the use of smart devices for their ability to attract the attention of children, and you can do this by downloading applications for teaching the writing of alphabets and use the method of audio and writing of the letter.


Mothers should also not forget and stimulate the child when he begins to learn and encourage him with motivational words, such as:

” You are intelligent, excellent and worthy of reward.”

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