How to forget someone you deeply love

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Writing your emotions

You have to write down what you feel, then read it, and throw it away, or write down a list of the bad or negative things that was in the relationship and was annoying and harmful.

This method can help in changing your view to things, and end your bad feelings.

Expressing sadness

According to Judy Allen, an expert in family and marriage, ignoring your feelings increases the time to forget who you love, so the person should look for other ways to express his/her feelings, such as talking to friends, family, or crying.

Contrary to what some  Friends or family members suggest to stay busy and ignore the feelings of sadness and depression.

Stay away from memories

Try to stay away from things that remind you of your old love, such as: get rid of the images taken together, or sit away from him if he is your colleague At work, try to cancel the friendship at all.


cactico mediation

Mediation is one of the things that help you forget.

Deep relaxation and meditation for fifteen minutes, to rest the mind of thoughts, can meditate through a temporary position for fifteen minutes, sit quietly, and during that (4)

Filling the empty (Leisure) time

You must try your best to fill your leisure time with useful activities and things in order help you stop thinking about the person you love, you can go out with friends and enjoy life.

Eat food rich in serotonin

Low serotonin may lead to increased depression, so be careful to eat rich serotonin food, and so it increases the levels of happiness.

Example of foods rich in serotonin: bananas, milk, eggs, cheese, nuts, beans, and turkey.


Sports Exercises can increase the feeling of relief because it helps in secreting endorphin, so it is recommended that you take boxing gloves, and play some boxing, sing quickly, as these exercises help to remove feelings of idle and laziness in you.

Create things by your hands (DIY)

The process of making things by hand has proven to be effective in reducing stress and relieving anxiety.

Examples include painting, ceramics, baking, repairing, or anything that can be touched by hand so that you can see the results of your work.

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