How Does Love Happen, Scientifically?

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What is Love? baby don’t hurt me…

Love is not only a feeling, it is related to many physical and chemical processes in your body, and it is possible for you to have many benefits if it is treated with credibility.

Love is as fragile as it is powerful, if you take care of it, it will grow. Neglect it, and it will wither and die.

What happens when you fall in love

Love happens quickly. The brain needs around 1-4 minutes to determine if it is attracted to another person (or brain host). Unlike what Casanova wants you to believe, physical emotions are usually much stronger than verbal expression. If you’re trying to figure out if someone is attracted to you, pay attention to physical cues (like blushing or prolonged staring) and not what someone actually says.

To support this, professor of psychology Albert Mehrabian’s rule of 7-38-55 states that the most impactful part of someone’s message are the non-verbal cues (body cues) taking up 55%. Vocal tone takes about 38% of the effect, while words only take 7% !

When a person falls in love, they will love the smell of their partner, and when a lover holds his/her hand, it will relieve stress.

Love can be so powerful and attention-grabbing that many people cut ties with close friends just to spend time with their lover. This is very common with young men and women who have less experience dealing with relationships and intense emotions.

Physical Things Men Are Automatically Attracted To

Strangely enough, some studies have shown that men will be attracted to women wearing red-colored clothing since this color has a direct effect on men’s brains. Apparently, woman who dye their hair red also seem to attract men’s attention more.










Physical Things Women Are Automatically Attracted To

Women, in general, are attracted to men with beards. As studies have shown, women see men with beards as mature and ready for parenthood and responsibility. However, beards aren’t always an indicator of maturity… exhibit A

cactico love









Some Facts About Love

  • Love can save a person’s life and improves their health.
  • Love needs trust and security to flourish.
  • There is no expiration date for love, it is continuous.
  • People can become addicted to love which strengthens the affection and tenderness in men and women.

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