How Not To Be Annoying

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Respect People’s Boundaries

Ask for permission before borrowing anything (apparently!). Don’t stand in the middle of entrances or exits. Don’t call people every day or be too pushy. Keep your hands to yourself unless you’re good friends with someone. They may not say it directly, but if you don’t respect people’s space, they will get annoyed by you eventually and avoid spending time with you.

Listen More Than You Speak

…and think before speaking, too. People like to talk about themselves as much as you do, so let them. And listen, don’t think about what you want to say next as they’re speaking. Do that after they finish. It makes you appear as a good listener. No one likes just to hear other people talking all the time unless they’re on a podium, but even that gets annoying (and boring) if overdone.

Avoid Being Repetitive

It might be the most critical point on this list. Try not to say things twice unless people specifically ask for you to do so. Repetition can get annoying quick, whether it’s in the form of noises, like tapping your pencil on the table, or whether it’s copying other people. When people go out of their way to stay ‘stop,’ you should stop, or you could end up losing that person as a friend.

Be Humble

Confidence is an attractive quality. Over-confidence is not. In fact, any overcompensation is usually negative, so trying not to overdo anything is a good rule in general (don’t overstay your welcome…etc.). Avoid bragging at all costs; people are programmed to avoid those who boast.

Avoid Correcting Others

Nobody likes a know-it-all. People don’t like being frequently interrupted, especially to corrected for something minor like a grammar or spelling mistake. It’s better to let those go; it’ll make it more comfortable to be around you.

Try Not To Complain Too Often

It involves practicing humility, too. Complaining all the time makes you appear too self-absorbed, even if (or especially if) you insult yourself. People who complain a lot are never pleasant to be around, and it can be quite annoying if that’s all someone does (it gets old and repetitive).

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