How To Tell If Someone Is Toxic

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There are many kinds of people in our lives. Some people are easy to deal with, while others are more difficult. Many of our friends fall into those categories as well, but no one is perfect and neither are we, so forgive their flaws and maybe even celebrate them.

Toxic people are on a different level, however, since their flaws are more than just a nuisance, they are dangerous. It’s important to cut toxic people from our lives because they serve to make everyone around them more miserable and hurt than they ever need to be.

In this article we will determine how to identify someone who is toxic, so watch out for any of these behaviors!

They Gossip About Everyone

They lousy mouth everyone they know, even people who they seem to like. Chances are they’re bad mouthing you, too. Toxic people get a kick out of ruining people’s reputations, and they never seem to run out of bad things to say about others.

They’re Manipulative

Toxic people care about only one person, themselves. They are continually finding ways to use people to get what they want, and they don’t value relationships in the slightest. Toxic people don’t do any favors unless they think those favors benefit them somehow. Oh, and they never hesitate to remind you that they’ve done favors for you.

They Change The Subject and Make It About Them

You might start your conversation with a toxic person talking about your day and somehow end up defending yourself about things that happened with that person two years ago! Toxic people are good at changing the direction of a conversation and putting you on the defensive. Before you know it you’re defending yourself about issues that seemingly have resolved already.

They Bring You Down

It might be hard to detect at first especially if you feel down all the time because of your own personal problems. But if you pay attention, you’ll notice that toxic people are very good at making you feel terrible about yourself. It becomes very obvious when you’re already in a good mood and then spending time with them brings you down all of a sudden.

They Judge You Harshly When You Make Mistakes

When they make mistakes, toxic people like to play the victim, but if you make a mistake, they won’t hold back any criticism. They will attack your self-esteem and make you aware of your “shortcomings.” There’s no point in arguing with toxic people, shutting them off might be the best strategy.

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