In addition to mind games .. Seven tips to increase and improve mental abilities

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In addition to mind games .. Seven tips to increase and improve mental abilities

In 2014, there was a high drama in the scientific world about the mind game and its terrible impact on the mind. For this reason, an international group of scientists has published an open study that there is no evidence that brain games improve the performance of mental abilities.

A few months later, another group of scientists published there an open letter, which says the exact opposite, and that there is a lot of evidence that brain training improves the performance of mental abilities

But as human beings, we are very fortunate in our brain, that ability to grow and change brain function; in addition to the growth of new brain cells. So here are some tips on how to improve the performance of your mind:

1.Learn new skills

By learning new skills, you can keep your brain cells from being damaged or laziness by participating in the challenge of learning. Learn new skills that build new neurological connections, and improve your cognitive functions.

Learning a new language is an excellent way to expand your mind and develop your perceptions, but learning a skill forces the brain to work in new and unusual ways. It can help you see the world around you from a new linguistic perspective.

So try new activities or hobbies; this keeps the brain from the laziness caused by non-use as you know. Start looking for opportunities to experiment with new things and learn how to do them: participate in drawing courses, martial arts, sewing art, or a writing workshop.

You can also play new games with your friends or family; especially the most intelligent games like chess, which will help you significantly enhance your mental abilities.

2.Grow curiosity in your mind

We do not accept things as they are; we have reason to think and understand life well instead of always. So, regularly learn about things – even things that seem obvious.

Look for various questions and new ideas. It may be tempting to ask and find answers to strange issues, but the brain builds new and more diverse connections every time it encounters something unfamiliar or difficult to understand. So it would be good to face the challenges and experiences of your thoughts and beliefs.

3.Reading shared between your mind and your imagination

Reading is an excellent way to learn new things, where people learn to see places, things, and ideas in new and different ways.It is a moderate challenge to the mind concerning vocabulary, content, or concepts.

Look for books that will not only give you access to new knowledge but will allow you to explore new and different ideas, as well as views and beliefs.

4.Brain games and puzzles

There is a range of games available designed to keep your mind from laziness. The old games were excellent; they raise the mind like puzzles, crossword puzzles and logical games, which still exist to this day. They are all unique ways to challenge and expand your thinking skills.

There are newer alternatives to brain challenge available on the Internet and smartphone applications. Many sites offer games designed to keep your mind active; rather than browsing Facebook, photos, and other platforms that provide an illusion of knowledge.

5. Focus on learning

Being committed to deliberately focusing on learning and improving your thinking is one of the most important things you should learn. So, be accustomed to meditating and rethinking new information by concentrating on learning continuously.

This method is the key to incorporating it in a meaningful and lasting way in your mind.

6. Writing the things you learned

Research has shown that writing new information in your notebook helps you integrate it more comprehensively into your mind, making you remember it more efficiently.

For example: while listening to new information in a meeting or conference, or any effectiveness and relevance; write the essential information in your notebook, make sure to write clearly and review what you wrote earlier.

This process helps the information to stay fixed in your mind for a long time.

7. Share your senses with your mind

Try to link the new information you learn with the five senses; to help you keep it as long as possible. Relating the scientific idea or truth you have discovered with a sensor such as taste, touch, smell or image will increase access to your mind, making it more powerful and will stay with you longer.

There are other things you should do associated with what mentioned. What you should know is how important it is to stop smoking if you are a smoker. The researchers found multiple evidence that smoking disrupts the cognitive function of smokers other than non-smokers; it leads to a reduction in the size of the brain because of the impact of smoke and toxic substances contained in the cigarette, or any other toxic substances that inhaled.

Research has shown that smoking can reduce memory, planning and overall mental capacity, as well as its effect on breathing and chest.

And getting enough sleep helps improve your mental abilities and intellectual level. Rest, in particular, is an essential factor for developing the functioning of brain functions and keeping them good.

To accomplish this, you can get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

Not just because sleep helps focus and keeps you awake throughout the waking period, or even because it increases memory activity; it also helps to prevent the loss of gray matter in the brain over time.

So, in the end, mind games, or mental training, improve your intellectual level and mental abilities as well and help you perform your other tasks better.



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