John and the sheep – Cactico short stories –

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Once upon a time, there was a farmer called “John,” and he lives in a small house beside the river in the village.

He had a lovely and beautiful sheep that he loved a lot.

One day the villagers came to see John and have a dinner together. After eating and having fun, one of the villagers “Sam” noticed that John has a chubby sheep which looks that it has fresh meat. It was hiding in the backyard in a little woody house.

The next day, Sam started to think how he can convince John to sacrifice with his sheep and eat it all together.

He had an idea, he went to his friends in the village, and they argued and agreed to tell John that the world will end after two days, so we can eat your sheep and don’t be sad.

At night, and as every day, the villagers went to John’s house, and they started talking about his sheep. One asked:

“Why don’t we eat this sheep?! it looks delicious”.

At that moment, John’s face turned yellow! And he shouted:

“No one eats my sheep; he is my friend.”

Sam and his friends started trying to convince him as they planned to.

“Hey, John!”, one of the villagers said. “Do you know that the world will end after two days? I heard everyone talking about this.”

John replied: “I don’t believe such things!”

All the villagers are starting talking about the end of the world and that it will end after one or two days. They are talking a lot until John began to think like them.

“The plan is on its way,” Sam whispered.

After hours of talk and arguments, John shouted:

“Ok Fine; we will eat the sheep tomorrow at the river.”

The next day they met at the riverside, they made some fire to grill the sheep on it.

At that moment when the sheep were on fire and, the villagers are assured that they will eat, they started laughing at John and said:

“You are stupid John!you believed that the world would end and we will eat your sheep.”

John felt very sad, but he didn’t say anything. He waited till all went swimming in the river, he took their clothes and burned it with the sheep.

When they came back and saw their clothes became ashes, they were shocked and asked John:

” Why you did that??”

He replied mocking;

“The world will end tomorrow, so no need for your clothes.”


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