How to know if somebody loves me from his behavior?

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Movements and behaviors can reveal if somebody loves you

There are a lot of people who do not express their feelings towards others, especially their loved ones.
They hide these feelings for fear of not accepting them.
But they do not know that their movements and behaviors may expose this love and prove what is going on inside their hearts.
There are many ways to know if somebody loves you; Including movements, behaviors, and actions, which we will focus on here and clarify.

Ways to know if somebody is in love.

His Looks:

Looking and staring at you is one of the main signs that somebody loves you.Since when he stares at you for a long time so obviously he is thinking about you and he likes you.especially if he tries to repeat this process several times to have attention.


Where the smile is a sign of love; when you pay attention to a person and see him smiling, then know that he loves you and he has a great feeling, especially if it’s a pure smile and not artificial.

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Ignorance and tension:

Ignoring someone to another person in a place where they meet may be an evidence of love. If the Ignorance continues, this indicates that the person does not know how to act, and he tries to hide his feelings.

The tension is also accompanied by Ignorance since The person is confused what should he when he meets his love.


If he is observing your reactions and acts, then this is a sign that he loves and cares about you.

Usually, lover likes to observe the reactions of his love in different situations.

Playing with hair:

Playing with his hair in front is considered as a good sign of love.

Especially girls try to play to draw the attention of her lover without a word.

Touching his face:

Especially men; when a man touches his face in front of his sweetheart, it is because of the emotional excitement and tension and confusion, so he touches his chin.

Share your hobbies:

This is one of the known and common methods; where you find your lover every place you are in, and he shows that he is practicing the same hobbies that you love.


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