Meditation Tips for Beginners

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Be Patient

Meditation is, in a way, a form of practicing patience. Don’t worry too much about meditating for an hour or more when you’re first starting out (it might be impossible anyway).

Try Lying on Your Back

When you think of ‘Meditation,’ you might imagine a woman in yoga pants sitting on a mat with her legs crossed. That’s nice and all, but it isn’t necessary. Try lying on your back and putting your hand on your stomach. Notice how it rises and falls as you inhale and exhale.

Replace Your Hand With Your Mind

When you feel ready, try to place your mind where your hand once was and try to keep it there. The point of meditation is mainly to maintain focus on one simple object. Breathing is an excellent object of meditation because it follows us everywhere we go. Don’t worry too much about breathing a certain way, merely observe.

Start Small, Really Small

Start with 5 minutes, or even less if you have to, and build from there.  Don’t be in a hurry to reach 30 minutes or more, even if 5 minutes seems too easy at first. Try adding 5 minutes every week or so. The most important part is consistency, not adding minutes to your session.

If Your Mind Wanders, Don’t Fret

It’s natural for your mind to wander while you meditate, it’s part of the process. When you notice your focus shifting to something else, gently direct your attention back to your breathing. You can even place your hand back on your stomach again and work up from there. Remember, refocusing your focus on your breath is a big part of meditation.

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