Quick Ways To Ease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

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1. Be Consistent About Taking Breaks

If you don’t take regular breaks, stress and tension can build up. Try taking one 20 minute break in the morning and one in the afternoon, in addition to your lunch break.

If you have a lot going on in your life, taking a day off just for the purpose of relaxation can help immensely — not only for helping you relax, but for better productivity later!

exercising2. Exercise – You Have to Do It!

Regular exercise is especially good for depression and anxiety, since it releases feel-good chemicals known as endorphins into your system. It also keeps your mind occupied so you aren’t as likely to overthink things.

Try getting into a casual sport you’ll likely meet people, and you’ll be doing something that requires your full attention!

3. Try to Monitor Your Self Talk

Many people with depression and/or anxiety tend to beat themselves up. This adds a huge amount of stress and can take a big toll on your self-confidence. Never convince yourself that you are better off alone, useless, hopeless, and so on. Thinking this way is more powerful than you think! Nobody is perfect, but no one deserves this kind of treatment from themselves or from others, because it simply doesn’t help anything.

4. Don’t Get Too Sucked In to TV

The biggest problem with TV these days is not necessarily too much of it (although of course that’s an issue, too) but the fact that it has so much negativity, especially the news. Just watching the news can instantly lower your mood and amplify any negative feelings you might already be having.

The world is already tough enough for us at times, we don’t need to be bombarded with negativity for any reason, especially when we’re going through difficult times.

isolation, thinking5. Try Not to Isolate Yourself Too Much

Isolation undoubtedly has its benefits, but too much isolation can (very easily) cause you to overthink or brood on your problems. In moments when you are alone and/or have down time, try to occupy your mind by playing board games, card games, or computer games! These can really help you lighten up a bit and not overthink.

Another great thing to do is express yourself through art or music.

There you have it some general tips to avoid some of the various forms of mental anguish. The key is taking them seriously and being consistent about it! Sometimes we don’t realize how much certain things are affecting us until we go without them for a while. Hang in there!

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