What are the reasons for nightmares?

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Reasons for nightmares

You may have some periods where you see every night some nightmares, or maybe it’s not an everyday situation.Let’s see together what some reasons for nightmares?


1.Taking medicine

There are some kinds of medicine that can cause you to see nightmares. especially medicine that works on you chemical brain substances, like anti-depression and some drugs, or maybe some medicine related to blood pressure. If you face a change in your nightmares when changing your medicine, then consult your doctor.

2.Lack of sleep

You may see nightmares in your dreams due to interrupted sleeping caused by breathing problems or other body illness or maybe lack of sleep, and this case happens usually with adults.This is along with a lot of psychological problems like depression and anxiety.

3.Eating before sleep

 Eating directly before sleeping may stimulate your brain activity which may be reflected as a nightmare.


Anxiety is one of the main reasons for nightmares, where 60% of people who sees nightmares had problems in their lives that caused anxiety. some of these problems: Sickness and diseases, Alchohol, medicine side effects, and Losing somebody you love

5.Horror movies

Watching horror movies and reading horror books before sleeping is a direct reason for seeing a reflection of that in your dreams.


Caffeine stimulates your nervous system which interrupts the nerve that is responsible for feeling sleepy. and if you eat caffeine a lot in your life, this may cause higher simulations in your brain activity leading to unlogical thining and unconsciousness while sleeping so seeing nightmares.


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