Self-esteem & Self-love: 3 tips to bring more of it into your life

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Self-love is often mistaken as vanity or self-absorption, but the true meaning of self-love is to have compassion and respect for oneself. When we love ourselves sufficiently and properly, we treat ourselves better in all areas of our lives, and we refuse to let others mistreat us. We also respect our wishes and thus shape our lives according to what we want, not what others expect of us.

Self-love fosters self-esteem and both are crucial if you desire to live a fulfilling and rewarding life. Here are some tips to aid you in cultivating self-love.

Tip #1: Become More Mindful Of Who You Are

People who maintain a healthy love towards themselves are aware of what their desires are and are not unsure about how they feel and think most of the time.

To be sufficiently aware of what we think, feel and desire, we have to be mindful of our thoughts, emotions and wants. Otherwise, without the guidance of our personal thoughts and emotions, other people can impact how we live by installing their own thoughts, beliefs and wants.

To become more mindful, there are several things you can try, like meditation. Other methods include writing down your thoughts and studying your character through journaling and asking people you trust what they think about you (be warned! If you’re going to attempt this method, be sure you know how to cope with hearing things about yourself that are not necessarily positive!). Also be sure to check out our article on the importance of listening to yourself.

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Tip #2: Take Care Of Yourself Like You Mean It

People who are high in self-love and self-esteem take good care of their health and well-being. In fact, if you suffer from lower self-esteem, you will find it harder to eat healthier, exercise or do anything to groom yourself besides basic hygiene.

Consider self-care a method to fight back against self-loathing and low self-esteem. It will be difficult and it won’t feel right, but that is more proof that you need to do it.

Are you happy with your diet? Make sure you don’t have too much sugar in your diet or that you don’t suffer from eating disorders. Taking care of yourself also means surrounding yourself with the right people and avoiding toxic relationships. For tips on physical wellness, click here.

Tip #3 Take It Easy And Forgive Yourself

Ever heard of the cliché,”There are no mistakes in life, only lessons?” Us humans have a tendency to be really hard on ourselves when we slip up. The fact is that you are a person(or an alien) and that you will fail over and over. That is how life teaches us lessons.

If you’re not sure how to start forgiving yourself, a good strategy is to start forgiving others. It is very true that we project our own thoughts and values onto others. If we harshly criticize ourselves, we are sure to criticize others with them same kind of harshness.

Forgiving ourselves and others for being the flawed creatures that we are comes a long way in developing our self-love and self-esteem. Treat others the way you want to be treated ; because you do that anyway.

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