How do I start a dialogue with my husband?

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Ask questions

Some women may find it difficult to start a meaningful dialogue with their husbands. However, there is a range of questions that you can ask to begin a discussion, which encourages your husband to talk.

Questions can be like asking about his favorite film, strengths, and weaknesses of a couple’s relationship, things that your husband enjoys doing with his wife, or things that he can regret before his death.


Choose the right time

If your husband is busy or tired, it is better to wait for another time. If there are children, then its prefer to make them away by asking them to do a particular thing before starting a dialogue with your husband.


Use body language

It is preferred to look directly into your husband’s eyes, with a look of love and respect, and start talking about your desires at the beginning of the dialogue; eyes are the mirror of mind and spirit, also holding hands helps in showing feelings of love.



It is essential to know why your husband will listen to your conversation, so it’s important to start talking enjoyable and use some words that help attract his attention.

If the conversation is boring, negative and repetitive, the husband will not listen to you.



Dialogues and conversations are not usually conducted in the way they are planned since you can’t always expect the other’s person answer.

Therefore, dialogues should not be rigid. If your husband’s answer is unexpected, you must be flexible and accept his point of view.



You should listen to your husband while you are talking, especially when talking about what he likes, or about himself, there is no need to prepare answers before the end of the speech, and work to be patient and understanding.


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