Stubborn children and their parents

Every parent works hard to take care of their children, but they face difficulties when they find out their children are behaving like a stubborn or strong-willed child. And they get tense to dealing with them and make mistakes. Their mistakes make their children more stubborn.

There are some tips in my mind which I want to share with you maybe that will help in dealing with strong-willed children.

Stop saying “no” too often:

Try to stop saying “no” too often to your child because the repetition of no can make your child stubborn or strong-willed. You can choose other options instead of saying no. For example, if your child not ready to leave playtime so you should not force him to go for lunch, spend some time with him and try after a couple of minutes, he will surely give a positive response.

Make a connection with your child:

If you have any stubborn child so don’t leave him at himself, try to make a connection with him, spend time with him and try to understand his problems. When he realizes your love and care towards him, as a result, he will connect with you and also will trust you.

Do not give orders:

Do not give orders to your child because stubborn children never take orders. They always love to be in their freedom. They don’t like orders because also have a bossy attitude. For example, if you want your child to do his homework so you can offer him for playing a special game or his any favorite activity after homework.

Stay calm:

I know you have a busy routine and lots of work to do in a day. You don’t have much time to deal with a stubborn child, you also can lose temper, but there is a point which you have to understand that you are adult and your child is not, he will show his tantrums because he is a child so that you have to be calm instead of his rebel behavior. It’s difficult but not impossible.

 Teaching them sharing:

Stubborn children always like to be a boss. They love to give orders in their friend circle, due to this behavior they will be left alone and lose their friends. You should teach them about sharing, tell them stories about sharing, present yourself as an example because children always follow their parents if you and your partner care about each other and give respect so your child definitely does the same.

Make them satisfy:

Stubborn children always are unsatisfied due to their behavior. Try to make them satisfy and solve their problems.

Stubborn children always do misbehave and show tantrums to you but you have to be staying calm and lose temper. Determine what you do, start smart parenting by reading your child's mind. I hope these tips will help you. If you have any other suggestions kindly share.  

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