Ten scientific steps to teach you how to be happier

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Everyone is looking for an increased level of happiness. Some scientific foundations help make a person happier. Know them in the following:

1. Stop negative thinking

Sometimes we do not stop thinking about things and others, who have sinned against us, or how life did not go as we hoped and dreamed! A negative thinking process – such as worrying and thinking of length, or self-judgment and criticism, and fear of rejection – makes us unhappy and unable to move forward. When you find yourself thinking negatively, stop and refocus your thoughts, and over time your brain will be able to stop negative thinking more easily.

2. Look for clarity about yourself

How is it supposed to go ahead in your life, and you have no idea what your feelings are, or why you feel this way? To be happier, try to explain to yourself your true feelings so that you know what they are and why you feel these feelings.

3. Live according to your principles

When you begin to explore yourself, your values, and your beliefs, you will discover that you already know and anticipate things that make you happy, but you just do not! To be happier, be clear with yourself about your principles, so that you can live independently by your beliefs and values.

4. Pay attention to good things

Life is sometimes difficult, but when you look at right things, you can rise above them and be more flexible. Once you have experienced the good one, keep that moment in your mind, to keep those happy feelings under challenging times, or to think about some time in the future when these difficulties are gone, and you feel better.

5. Use your imagination to create the life you are looking for

Do you know that the brain finds it difficult to differentiate between the things that happen in your imagination and those that occur in real life? So when you think about anything – even happiness – your brain will work as if it was. You can use your imagination to create joy from the air, and enjoy your experiences more.

6. Keep your mind alert

Sometimes we would like to escape, but by training the mind to be fully awake, we will thoroughly experience positive and negative things, and be more involved in our lives.

7. Explain what happiness means to you

We all define happiness and know it in different ways. When you know what happiness means to you, it will be easy for you to find it.

8. Life is changing

How are you supposed to change your life, if you practice the same things and do every day? It’s difficult, and instead push yourself to overcome fear, get closer to being more enthusiastically, and try to do things entirely different, to test this feeling and make your brain more flexible.

9. Defend yourself and advise yourself

When we make other people trample over us, we will be miserable. But when we defend our needs with determination and express ourselves, we will feel more control over our lives, and when you learn to express yourself, it will help you overcome the interpersonal challenges that make us unhappy.

10. Your goal 

We all want to feel that we have made a positive impact on this world, but sometimes we are not sure what kind of impact we want to make. Exactly ask what gives you the goal and purpose, and how you can strive to achieve that goal to make your life more meaningful.



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