The Importance Of Adaptation (And Accepting Change)

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It is pivotal that we embrace the world for the fast-changing reality that it is. Circumstances change even if we don’t, and if we continue to resist we will fall behind and never grow. Here are some examples from nature that prove that adaptation is necessary for survival.

Birds Migrate When The Climate Changes

A good portion of bird species migrate in search of more food or for breeding purposes. How far birds migrate depends on the species, but many travel long distances. It seems like they’ve evolved to do so, as even caged birds fly restlessly around their cage during spring and fall.

Some birds don’t migrate as they have enough resources year round, but many other birds have no choice. Necessity is key here, when nature requires it, birds adapt and seek resources outside their territory. 

If their environment  provides sufficient resources and breeding partners, birds have no reason to leave and thus stay where they are. It’s important to understand where you are and if changes need to be made. If life requires you to change your environment or yourself, you must accept that reality and adapt to it for the sake of survival, just like migrating birds who seek more resources.


Animals that enter hibernating states lower their metabolic rate and heart rates as well. The purpose is to conserve energy, usually during low temperatures (as most animals, like bears and squirrels, hibernate in winter).

Because of the lack of sufficient resources in cold climates, hibernating animals store food by either consuming them and storing them as fat deposits (like bears), or by food caching (hording food, like squirrels for example).

Hibernation is a form of adaptation that is necessary for the survival of certain animals and is essentially why hibernating animals have not gone extinct. Sometimes you need to change your strategy to one that better fits the situation, as there is no foolproof way that works for every condition and situation. That is why adaptation is necessary in these cases.

Human Maturation

As we enter adulthood and beyond, we may begin to recognize habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve us, and we begin to question whether we should continue our lives carrying these habits. Some habits of thinking are more engraved into our personality than others, making them harder to let go of. In order for us to become our true selves, however, we need to shed off anything that we do not want associated with us.

It’s important to note that just because certain habits do not match who we are or who we want to be, they are not necessarily bad traits in and of themselves, they simply aren’t fitting for us individually.

As mentioned before, not all methods are appropriate for all situations. Even if our parents and teachers have good intentions, they probably don’t know how things work in our generation, thus adapting to the new world might need an adoption of newer methods that better fit the environment.

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