The Keto Diet

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The keto diet, also known as the ketogenic diet or the low-carb diet, is a tough but powerful diet with many benefits. It basically involves eating less carbohydrates in order for your body to enter a state known as ketosis.

How The Body Enters Ketosis

Glucose is your body’s primary energy source, and since carbohydrates can be broken down into glucose, getting enough carbs means your body will have enough glucose to keep you energized. Fats can also be broken down to be used for energy, except this is not needed when you’re body has a sufficient supply of glucose, therefore fats are stored instead.

When you avoid eating lots of carbohydrates, your body begins to use alternative energy sources, like ketones, which are produced when fats are broken down in the liver. This happens when we enter the ketosis state mentioned earlier, which is a natural process the body uses to help itself survive when food intake is low. This metabolic state is not entered through the avoidance of calories, but starvation of carbohydrates.

The Benefits

Many people use the ketogenic diet specifically for the increased mental performance it provides. Ketones are awesome sources of fuel for the brain, and with big spikes in blood sugar controlled through lower carb intake, this tends to improve concentration. There’s of course the obvious benefit of weight loss and healthy management of blood sugar (effectively preventing diabetes). It can even help with the treatment of epilepsy.

The keto diet is definitely worth consideration when thinking of lifestyle changes.

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