Things To Watch When Feeling Depressed

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Everybody feels down every now and then. Some feel depressed for extended periods of time and don’t know how to deal with the pain. Some strategies people resort to are distractions, like watching YouTube or a movie. 

So with that said, here’s a list of things to watch when feeling depressed that will hopefully turn out to be more than mere distractions, but also an aid in overcoming your problems. Good luck and hang in there!

We’ve attempted to avoid including spoilers, but there might be some spoilers in here, so you have been warned!

Bojack Horseman(Animated Series)

Check out the trailer here!

At first glance, Bojack Horseman might seem like just some absurd cartoon about anthropomorphic animals living alongside humans.

However, if you can put that thought aside for a while (which you will pretty early on when you start watching this show), you will see that other than satirizing current events, hollywood, and politics, Bojack Horseman depicts the struggles of the human experience in a very realistic way, including depression.

What’s difficult about watching Bojack (the main character) go through his life while dealing with his depression and insecurities is that there doesn’t seem to be any solutions to his problems. He just lives his life suffering with those limitations, and we are stuck expecting a resolution only to be left with disappointment, which is very similar to how real life depression feels like.

The relief comes from watching someone (or some horse) with depression go through very relatable and realistic situations and feeling like it’s ok to be that way, at least for a while.

The Shawshank Redemption(Movie)

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Sometimes, unfair things happen to us, and we suffer needlessly for it. The same happens to Andy Dufresne in the movie The Shawshank Redemption. How he deals with that tradegy is the most powerful point of the film, as not many can say they’ve had it worse than Dufresne and still continued to push through and yet the main character continually finds ways to make the most out of the hand he’s dealt, and it’s inspiring to watch.

If you’re prone to making excuses and blame circumstances for your misery and suffering (even when you have the right to blame your circumstances), this movie was made for you. Enjoy!

Silver Linings Playbook(Movie)

Check out the trailer here!

I don’t want to say much about this movie, other than WATCH IT ! You have to, it’s that good. The cast did a good job with making all the characters very likable, despite their mental illnesses, which is usually depicted negatively in the media.

It’s a film about mental illness and dealing with it. Except it’s also very entertaining and will likely leave you feeling very positive and hopeful about your future.


Click here to check out the trailer (resolution may not be so good)

Being a huge anime fan, I get excited when other anime lovers ask me “What’s your favorite anime?” Not once have I seen anyone react the way I would’ve liked when I mention Rainbow. For some odd reason, this incredible work of art is relatively obscure (atleast in the western world), virtually no one I’ve ever met has watched or heard of Rainbow.

I don’t know where to start with this one. It’s a dark story, with excruciating moments that will tug on your heart strings so well that you will learn to love that painful feeling. You will be pulled in to a world so harsh you can’t find any reason to have hope for the characters or humanity for that matter.

It might seem odd to have such a dark show recommended on this list rather than a pick-me-up type of show, but there is something about watching other people, even fictional characters, going through harsh struggles (even worse than our own) and then overcoming them that gives us a sense of hope and a new outlook on the challenges that life throws at us.

We hope you’ve gained something from this article! If you think an important movie, show, book …etc. belongs on this list, feel free to mention it in the comments below to share it with others!

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